Dear Friends and Former Students:
I hope you will enjoy our new Kent Center School Scholarship Fund website.
Our Scholarship Fund will soon be entering its 61st year. As the letter and brochure tell you, we have helped many KCS graduates. We continue to provide help to dozens of students each year. Unlike many scholarships, the KCS Scholarship is available four times. We are proud of the fact that we have continued  to grow for over half a century.
Our Fund Drive this year is nearing $40,000. It will be our most successful year ever. Many of you are regular contributors to the Fund. We hope others will join you.
Perhaps your friends and family could help us. I would urge you to show them this site, and all the documents that have been posted.
Feel free to contact me. I have been retired from KCS since 2002, still live on Lane Street where I was when you knew me, and still occasionally substitute teach at KCS. I'd love to hear from you. My e-mail address is
Thank you for your help in the past, and hopefully in the future.
Ed (don't call me Mr. Epstein)  
Ed Epstein
President, KCSSF

What is the KCS Scholarship Fund?

Kent Center School Scholarship Fund

History of the fund

Message from the president:

The Kent Center School Scholarship Fund, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization providing scholarships for worthy graduates of Kent Center School. As higher education costs have increased, the Board of Directors have worked hard to increase individual awards, as well as the total amount of money in the fund. The funds awarded each year are a combination of recent contributions and interest from the endowment fund.

In 1961, the Kent Center School PTA formed a committee to establish a scholarship fund allocating $100 from its treasury. It then voted to add its $250 commission from the class pictures to the fund to create a $350 scholarship, the first amount in the history of the fund awarded to a student. 

Slowly, as the community became more aware of the value of supporting local students, the fund grew, separating from the PTA in 1982, and becoming incorporated as the Kent Center School Scholarship Fund with nonprofit status, a board and bylaws. 

Since 1961, many volunteers have made the KCSSF a strong presence, historically one of the first scholarship funds in Connecticut emanating from a K-8 school, not a high school. Local organizations have traditionally supported the general fund financially, as have members of the community. The fund is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, comprised of nineteen members. 

Applicants for scholarship awards shall be graduates of Kent Center School and shall have attended the school for a minimum of two consecutive years that shall include grades seven and eight. Recipients may reapply for scholarships to provide support during each school year for a maximum of four years. “Post secondary” education can include two and four-year college programs, as well as vocational and technical schools.

In 1961, one scholarship was given. Totals for various other years are as follows:

      2022 - $69,900 to 28 students      

      2020 - $76,100 to 38 students

      2017 -$66,880 to 40 students​​
​      2016 -$57,190 to 37 students​​

      2015- $66,910 to 48 students

      2014- $62,530 to 49 students

      2013- $61,300 to 47 students

      2012- $75,744 to 56 students

      2011- $59,110 to 50 students

      2010- $72,140 to 62 students

      2009- $65,960 to 59 students

      2008- $60,720 to 58 students

      1998- $31,000 to 24 students

      1989- $17,400 to 18 students

      1978- $1,650 to 4 students


Board of Directors

Ed Epstein, President

Carol Spelbos, Vice President
Tony Iovino, Treasurer
Dana Slaughter, Secretary

Katy Armstrong

A. Richard Barber

Austi Brown

Fran Goodsell

Karen Iannucci

Carol McCann
Sue McWhinnie
Debbie Moershell

Haig Nargesian
Kathleen Robey
Maureen Smith
Lee Sohl
Ane Starr
Margaret Stearns

George Woodin
Tony Zunino - Emeritus