Kent Center School Scholarship Fund

If you prefer to mail your donation, please make the check payable to:

Kent Center School Scholarship Fund
P.O. Box 794
Kent, CT 06757

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The Kent Center School Scholarship Fund is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law, in accordance with IRS regulations

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Contributions and Named Scholarships

Contributions have come from hundreds of individuals and businesses since 1961. Bequests from estates and memorial gifts are a major source of support, as well as contributions given in response to fundraisers and annual appeals. The Scholarship Committee has raised money in the past with our annual Valentine’s Chocolate Fest in February. Over the years a number of “named scholarships” have been established. As of 2021, the named scholarships are: 

The J.H. Aiken Award
The Alumni Award
The Carlozzi Family Award
The Kay Cracas Award
The Moira Dolan Award
The Lux Ewald Award
The James Gadiel Award
The Donald Kingsley Gowan III Award

The Victor & Susan Grohmann Award
The James and Cecile Irving Award
The Virginia Johnson Award

The Kent Grange Award
The LuAnne Kragh Award
The A. Perry MacFarlane Award
The Ruth Mainland Award
The Alan and Martha McDowell Award

The Newton-McCann Award

The Posselt/Bachrach Award
The Robert Pratt Award
The Laura Simms Award
The Anthony Standen Award
The Michel Yovanovitch Award
The Justin Auer Zunino Award

The Elizabeth & Lewis Jordan Award
​The Elaine Barber Award​​

The Erin Keane Award

​The William E. Goodsell Award